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Advanced Courses in Life Sciences

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Here you will find the courses and workshops listed by date, but please be aware that only those courses and workshops for which registration is open appear here.

All our courses are on-site and intensive, ranging from three to ten days. Please bear in mind that our courses could be held in different Venues.

JULY, 2016
July 25th-29th Introducción a las Técnicas de Microscopía: Óptica y Electrónica – 4ª Edición
September 6th-9th From Phenotype to Genotype: The Genetic Bases of Shape – 3rd Edition
September 12th-16th Geometric Morphometrics and Phylogeny – 7th Edition
September 19th-23rd The Use of Phylogenies in the Study of Macroevolution – 4th Edition
September 19th-23rd R without Fear: Applied R for Biologists – 2nd Edition
October 3rd-7th Introduction to Ecological Data Analysis – 2nd Edition
October 3rd-7th Introduction to Agent Based Models in Ecology Using NetLogo – 3rd Edition
October 3rd-7th 3D Model Generation in Life Sciences – 2nd Edition
October 17th-21st Integral Projection Models: Demography in a Continuous World
October 24th-28th Introduction to Network Analysis in Life Sciences – 3rd Edition
November 14th-18th Care and Management of Natural History Collections
November 28th-December 2nd Model-Based Statistical Inference in Ecological and Evolutionary Biogeography
January 9th-13th Introduction to Geometric Morphometrics (Canada) – 8th Edition
January 16th-20th Técnicas de Análisis de Imagen: Tratamiento y Cuantificación de la Imagen Digital – 6ª Edición
January 23rd-27th Geometric Morphometrics in R – 3rd Edition
February 13th-17th Introduction to Genomic Data Analysis Using HapMap and 1000 Genomes Projects – 6th Edition
MARCH, 2017
March 6th-10th Phylogenetic Analysis Using R – 4th Edition
March 27th-31th Introduction to Ecological Niche Modelling
APRIL, 2017
April 4th-7th Integration and Modularity with Geometric Morphometrics – 5th Edition
MAY, 2017
May 8th-13th Geometric Morphometrics with Plants – 2nd Edition
May 22nd-26th Introduction to R
JULY, 2017
July 5th-7th Métodos Estadísticos en Epidemiología
September 25th-29th Interactive Data Analysis and Visualization with R Shiny
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