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XIV European Association of Vertebrate Palaeontologists meeting

XIV Annual Meeting of the European Association of Vertebrate Palaeontologists (EAVP) was held in Haarlem, last July. The XIV EAVP meeting was held in the in the Teylers Museum. This is the oldest Natural History museum in The Netherlands. During five days (July 5th – 10th) more than 200 palaeontologists all around Europe came together to this annual meeting. This is an important forum […]

Drawings of a new era!

Last May (2016) Transmitting Science celebrated the 3rd edition of the course Introduction to Naturalistic and Scientific Illustration by Dr. Oscar Sanisidro. Science background, together with artistic skills helps to obtain accurate visual explanations of scientific phenomena. Scientific illustration becomes an important tool for science. More and more researchers include illustrations, 3D animations and vector schemes in their papers. One example is the lifelike reconstruction of the […]

New quarter, new courses

Summer ended and new courses start. However, trying to make more motivational your back-to-school time, we have three new courses for the final quarter of 2016. Regarding to our Next events section you can check the last courses planned for the 2016 and those for the next year. Before the end of this year, we include three […]

Breaking news, breaking barriers!

The 8th edition of the course Introduction to Geometric Morphometrics travels to Canada. The Banff Center (Alberta) will host the course. From 9th to 13th of January (2017) participants will learn about the main concepts of shape analysis based on landmark coordinates and its multivariate statistical procedures. Geometric Morphometrics has shown as an important tool for analysis […]

II Iberian Symposium on Geometric Morphometrics

Six years after the first edition the Iberian Symposium on Geometric Morphometrics, last June took place the second edition. The II Iberian Symposium on Geometric Morphometrics was held in Madrid at Cultural Centre La Corrala – Museo de Artes y Tradiciones Populares from 8th until 10th June, 2016. The event was organized by Universidad Autónoma […]

New website release!

We are very happy to announce the release of our new website after weeks of hard work. The new Transmitting Science website, very dynamic and with a modern style, has been designed to improve user experience and help our followers be up-to-date with the latest courses and events. Our new Transmitting Science course search tool […]

Build your network with Transmitting Science

From the beginning, one of our objectives was to help the scientific community to develop networking opportunities and skills. To sit together scientists from different countries and labs was one of our main objectives, and we put a lot of effort to bring in international students and scholars to participate in our courses and workshops. […]

ForBio and Transmitting Science begin their collaboration!

We are glad to announce our new partnership with ForBio, the Research School in Biosystematics. Their main aim is training new generations of biosystematists and strengthening research in this field in the Nordic countries. ForBio has been offering courses for the last five years, and recently got funding for five more. They offer practical and […]

Macroevolutionary patterns: How do I work them out?

The second running of the course Introduction to Macroevolutionary Analyses Using Phylogenies is next October (27-31). Already, only a week after opening registration, half the places have been filled. After Felsestein’s paper in 1985, “Phylogenies and the comparative method”, concepts such as ancestor state reconstruction, phylogenetic signal and phylogenetic comparative methods have become common currency […]

Geometric morphometrics in plants hits the mark (and the landmarks)

The course on geometric morphometrics (GMM) in plants in April this year, taught by Professor Chris Klingenberg of Manchester University and co-written with Ruth Flatscher at Els Hostalets de Pierola, Barcelona (Spain), was the first successful course on this subject for Transmitting Science: Geometric Morphometrics with Plants. The almost impossible is attempted –to be a […]