Build your network with Transmitting Science

Build your network with Transmitting ScienceFrom the beginning, one of our objectives was to help the scientific community to develop networking opportunities and skills. To sit together scientists from different countries and labs was one of our main objectives, and we put a lot of effort to bring in international students and scholars to participate in our courses and workshops.

After four years, we are happy to see that we have accomplished that. Since our beginning in 2012, more than 1,000 participants from 56 different countries belonging to 5 continents have participated in the 79 courses we have already held. This has promoted the start of new collaborations between different groups, for instance between labs from the UK and Argentina, Spain and Sweden, Spain and Uruguay, among others.

Moreover, we strive to offer high standard courses about state-of-the-art methods, taught by prominent researchers in each field. This is demonstrated by the participation in our workshops and courses of not only PhD students (64 % of the alumni) but also postdocs (30 % of the alumni), as well as senior researchers (6 % of the alumni). This also plays an important role in fueling these collaborations, since people who attend the same courses are interested in similar aspects of research and it is easier for them to discuss and share ideas that can end up in interesting projects. In addition, if young students can collaborate and learn from more experienced researchers, their opportunities for networking and acquiring collaboration skills increase exponentially.

Transmitting Science will continue to improve the presence of international alumni in its courses, as well as organize interesting courses and workshops with the most prominent researchers in order to provide the scientific community with a way to exchange ideas, methodologies and concepts in a familiar environment.