ForBio and Transmitting Science begin their collaboration!

ForBio and Transmitting Science begin their collaboration!

We are glad to announce our new partnership with ForBio, the Research School in Biosystematics. Their main aim is training new generations of biosystematists and strengthening research in this field in the Nordic countries. ForBio has been offering courses for the last five years, and recently got funding for five more.

They offer practical and theoretical courses in biosystematics, mainly but not only, to botany and zoology students and postdocs. Their compromise with education and collaboration between research institutions makes them the right partner for Transmitting Science.

During the visit of Hugo de Boer to Spain, the main coordinator of ForBio discussed with Soledad De Esteban-Trivigno (Scientific Director of Transmitting Science) the different approaches and courses each of them had been working on and offering in the past. After sharing their interests, ideas and experiences, they decided to start collaborating.

Therefore, in 2016 Transmitting Science and ForBio are co-organizing some advanced courses related to taxonomy, systematics and other areas related to these topics. Right now, the courses co-organized by Transmitting Science and ForBio are “Introduction to Naturalistic and Scientific Illustration” in May 2016, “Introduction to Electron Microscopy for Life Sciences” in July 2016, and “Phylogenetic Analysis Using R” in 2017.

The courses will be held at any of the venues Transmitting Science has near Barcelona (Spain). ForBio offers their members free registration, as well as travel and accommodation for Norwegian members.

The common aim of ForBio and Transmitting Science is to prepare the best researchers of the next generations, and we will work together in order to continue offering high level courses and in creating new ones in the future.