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Scholarship Application

If you want to apply for scholarships please fill up the form below (PhD students and postdocs researchers can apply).

Please be aware that these scholarships are in the form of tuition fee waivers only, they do not cover traveling and lodging. If you are applying for a scholarship you will not be requested to pay the course, and if you do not get granted you can always withdraw.


  1. Funding for their PhD. Students  with no funding to develop their PhDwill receive the maximum 4 points. Part-time research grants or contracts (teaching assistantships) receive 2 points. Students with full financial support to develop their PhD provided by their university or an external institution / agency will receive 0 points. The student’s PhD organization or academic advisor must certify the situation. 4 point scale.
  2. Belonging to developing countries. 1 point.
  3. A short project description (maximum 300 words) related to the course or workshop topic. 5 point scale.