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Ignasi Labastida

Ignasi Labastida Instructor for Transmitting Science

Dr. Ignasi Labastida

Centre de Recursos per a l’Aprenentage i la Investigació
Universitat de Barcelona
Barcelona, Spain


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I got a PhD in Physics from the University of Barcelona.
Currently, I am the head of the Office for the Dissemination of Knowledge and the Research Support Unit at the CRAI-Library of the University of Barcelona.
I am a member of the Steering Committee of Info and Open Acess Policy Group at the LERU and vice-president of the SPARC Europe Board.

I led the introduction of the Creative Commons project in Spain and have been in charge of its development since 2003. I have been a member of the Board of directors of the Open Courseware Consortium (now Open Education Consortium) where I chair the Nomination Committee. I was a partner in the project OpenCourseware in the European Higher Education Context: how to make use of its full potential for virtual mobility, supported by the Lifelong Learning Programme of the European Union.

I have participated in several conferences and seminars on open access, open education, open science, and open content licenses, and he has written about these topics in journals and books.


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