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Advanced Courses in Life Sciences


Apart from the courses and outreach activities we usually organize, we offer different services that you can find below.

Below you can find some of the services we offer. Looking for something that is not in the list? Contact us at info@transmittingscience.org, we are sure we can help you!

Outreach and Communication

Services - Outreach and CommunicationDo you have a project that requires you to do communication and outreach but you do not have the time? We can do it for you! Webpages, interactive R Shiny apps, social media, news, videos, cartoons… you name it!

Are you a school or organization that wants to run some outreach activities? Check some of our activities here.

On the other hand, if you have any specific topic in mind we can develop specific outreach activities upon request.

Contact us at tosociety@transmittingscience.org.

Event Management

Services - Event Management

We are specialized in organizing small to medium-sized meetings, courses and workshops (up to 50 people) in different Venues located in the countryside of Spain and Greece. Taking care of each detail and promoting local food, we aim to create the ideal environment for discussion and networking. Are you thinking about organizing a workshop? Let us suggest you the best Venue for it!

If you are already organizing a larger meeting, we can help you by providing Event Management Services at different levels: webpage, registration, invoicing, flights and hotel bookings, preparing material, editing the abstracts book, contacting sponsors… whatever you need.

Contact us at info@transmittingscience.org.

Applying for funding: Do you need a partner?

Services - Looking for a PartnerTransmitting Science is a company registered under Spanish law. Nowadays including companies as partners when applying for funding is evaluated positively. Indeed, it is a requirement in some calls.

We have experience as partners in Spanish and European research projects, being key in the transmission of the generated knowledge at different levels: between peers through the organization of meetings of any kind, to politicians and to the society.

Are you not sure if we fit into your project? Contact us at info@transmittingscience.org.

Courses at your Institution

Services - Courses at your InstitutionDo you want us to run one of our courses in your Institution?

Do you need some training but you cannot find it on our courses list?

Do not hesitate and contact us at courses@transmittingscience.org.