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Can Carol
Capellades, Barcelona, Spain

Rural House Can Carol (Capellades, Barcelona, Spain)
Rural House Can Carol (Capellades, Barcelona, Spain)
Rural House Can Carol (Capellades, Barcelona, Spain)

Many of our courses are held in the town of Capellades, in Barcelona province. This town is located at 69 km from Barcelona city centre (one hour and a half by public transport).

Located near Montserrat Mountain, and in the middle of vineyards and woods, the 5,000 thousand people town of Capellades provide an incomparable framework for research, networking, and enjoying the countryside of Spain. Moreover, it is famous among archaeologists and palaeontologists by its “Abric Romaní“, an archaeological Palaeolithic site.

Why there:

We organize some courses in this small town because we want researchers to focus during one week only in the content of the course, with no distractions. Moreover, this isolation, and the quietness of the place, promotes networking and interactions between participants, including instructors.

Where to stay:

In Capellades participants have the option to stay together at the Rural House Can Carol, Majestic manor house from 1495, (check the Accommodation option in the course webpage), having the opportunity to keep discussing during dinners, and to enjoy some time together having a barbecue or using the swimming pool. This option is strongly recommended.

Please be aware that from the centre of Barcelona city it takes about one hour by car and one hour and a half by public transport to arrive at Capellades.

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